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Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

A perfect way to start any day is with delicious eggs benedict. The process does take considerable amount of time but it’s well worth it in the end. To create this masterpiece you need the following

  • Make hollandaise sauce
  • Get water with vinegar to come to a roll, this is before it hits boiling, in a large saucepan and keep it there.
  • With the fresh eggs individually separated in bowls slowly pour them into the center of a large sauce pan with the water rotating around the center of the pan
  • As the eggs cook fry some canadian bacon and toast some english muffins
    • An alternative is to toast the english muffins in a frying pan with some butter for a extra delightful buttery taste
  • Next pull the individual eggs out of the large sauce pan, I usually set them on a paper towel to dry off a little, after the whites have been fully cooked through. Repeat with other eggs
  • Finally assembly from the bottom to the top: english muffin, canadian bacon, poached egg, and a little hollandaise sauce
    • A great added touch is a few chives or fresh cracked pepper

First time making sushi from the ground up

SushiWith a small lesson in basic sushi making with the cooking club at Oregon State University and the knowledge from a dear friend, Emily (also a great chef), I was able to embark on making sushi on my own. With the basic solid I decided to make spicy tuna rolls and ahi tuna sashimi, but to get a true opinion I had to ask friends. Therefore, we spent the evening programming, enjoying eachothers company and snacking on homemade sushi.